Series of Professional SDI to USB Recorders

Introducing the ‘DAVE’ Range (Digital Audio & Video Encoder/recorder) of professional recorders.

This new recorder range has been developed for the recording of SDI to low cost USB in ‘Real Time’ at a higher quality data rate of 18Mbts/s.

It can be offered as a 1, 4 or 8 channel system housed in 1U, 2U, or 4U 19” rack with various options.

DAVE 1 & DAVE 4 & DAVE 8

The design has been made simple with a press once record button.

All 4/8 channels can be synchronised to start at the same time with multiple 4 channel units also configurable to offer 8, 12, 16+, etc. channels.

Applications for this flexible modular system are extensive but ‘Outside Broadcast’ Sport/Concert/ applications where multiple USB flash memory sticks can be distributed immediately after an event is a desired and significant feature.

The USB can then be played in any BD/DVD player or PC IMMIDIATLY as no ‘Finalising’ or ‘Dub’ time is required.

The ‘QLT Universal Professional Blu-ray player’ with SDI and/or I/P output will also accept and play the recorded USB video.

Medical/Congregation/Judicial/ Industrial/ are also market areas where HD video is now accepted and even expected.

With the cost of a 16GB USB Flash Memory stick under £3.00 (and reducing daily) giving almost 2hrs of HD recording promotes this recording technology as not only the fastest but the most robust, flexible and cost effective solution for multiple distribution of HD Video and Audio on a portable medium to date.


  • Real Time HD/SD Recording
  • Multi-Channel Versions (4, 8, 12, 16, 20+)
  • SDI I/P
  • SDI & HDMI O/P
  • USB (2TB max)
  • Multi-Format
  • Integrated 10.1” UHD LCD option on 4 & 8 channel versions.
  • Gen-lock Option
  • RS422 Hard Wire Remote Control Option
  • HDMI I/P Option
  • 1 to 10 USB Duplicator Option
  • 1U, 2U,4U 19” Rack Mount


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