4K Router

Ultra Enigma Router is a Multi-format 4K UHD Router in a compact 1RU rack mounted unit that can be fitted with up to 32 dual channel SFP modules to achieve a full 32 x 32 4K UHD Router operating at video rates up to 12G-SDI.

  • High density, router; up to 32×32 in only 1RU
  • Can also be used a signal format converter
  • Supports 12G-SDI, 6G-SDI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, ASI video formats
  • Supports DVI/HDMI and SMPTE2022 video IP formats
  • SFP module based for total input/output flexibility
  • Dual redundant power
  • Passive video loop-through when no power present
  • In-built web-server for remote control and diagnostics


Ultra Enigma Multi-format UHD Router provides versatile routing of a multitude of formats which include 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI video on coax or fibre, ASI, SMPTE2022 video over IP, DVI/HDMI and Composite Video.

All of this versatility is provided in a lightweight 1RU rack unit.

The unit is based on the use of SFP modules which enables the base unit to start from 2×2 up to a maximum of 32×32, in any combination of inputs and outputs, allowing the unit to be configured and expanded to any size to suit the application.

Due to the flexibility of the UHD Router, it can also be used as a physical format converter. For example, SDI coax ports can be routed to optical ports etc., therefore eliminating the need for separate format conversion equipment.

An integrated display for control, monitoring and diagnostics is provided enabling internal parameters to be monitored and an Ethernet interface allows remote control via an in-built web interface. Also, third-party compatible control software can be added by request.

The unit has dual power supply inputs providing full power redundancy for critical applications and provides both power-sharing and auto switch over in the event of a failure.

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