“Ultra Blue”

The First Professional unscaled UHD Blu-ray player with HDR and 12G SDI O/P with optional 10.1” UHD Monitor with external I/P

This unique UHD/HDR player has an optional integrated 10” UHD LCD monitor (native 3840 x 2160)

The monitor can also have a further optional 12G SDI I/P for external signal monitoring.

Established BD/DVD’s discs can also be up scaled to 12G SDI.

The player has been designed for Post Production, Film and Broadcast Companies Authoring to the new 4K UHD discs and established BD/DVD discs.

The Codec’s supports: Embedded Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, & DTS HD Master Audio.

The player is housed in 1U and 4U 19” rack mount.

12G SDI on single BNC is standard with an optional SFP I/O for copper and fibre infrastructures.

Frontniche supports single 12G SDI as opposed to Quad 12G SDI due to cable saving and compliments our (new soon to be announced) range of 12G SDI I/P UHD monitor range.

We see as do many other manufacturers exhibiting at IBC 2016 that 12G SDI will become the industry standard (see http://www.utahscientific.com/products/productPages/routers2016/UHD-12G.php )


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