Multi-region Magnum Mk2 DVD Recorder/ Player with SDI I/O with Optional Genlock I/P & Optional IP O/P

Magnum Mk2 DVR Recorder/Player offers new features not seen in the Broadcast and Post Production markets.

Magnum Mk2 is the only DVD recorder available in the world that records VOB (Video Object) format files direct  from an SDI input and in Real Time. The VOB format can be played on all DVD STB players. For further information on VOB visit:

Magnum Mk2 will record & play most if not all type of rewritable DVD media.

Frontniche have again taken a 3rd party product and modified the I/O structure of this DVD Recorder/Player. We have added Genlock & IP O/P options and repackaged the product into a Professional 2U 19” rack mount.

We again have bypassed the analogue I/O so that conversion artefacts do not compromise, degrade and reduce the reproduction of the material being recorded.

The Analogue I/O can also be included if required but will need to be specified at the time of order.




  • Multi-Formal Media Recording in Real-Time VOB container format
  • SDI I/P & O/P (selectable SD to 720p 1080p 1080i O/P scaling)
  • Genlock I/P Option
  • IP Network O/P Option (MPEG-4/H.264 AVC codec)
  • MTCF (Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering for improved recording of poor jitter I/P’s)
  • Multi-Regional
  • 2U 19” Rack mount


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