Hard Wire Remote Control Interface for Modified BD DVD Recorder/Players & STB’s

RC5 is a generic term for the multiple infra red remote control protocols that exist. The RC5-RS422 interface is designed to provide a unified wired interface to the different Blue-Ray/DVD players or in fact any device that has an optical interface.

RS-422 was chosen as the serial connection for the following reasons:

1) The connection is balanced and suitable for use over long distances (up to 1Km)

2) Computers no longer have RS323 ports fitted as standard

3) The Sony P2 interface uses RS422


A software GUI replicates the infra red remote is developed for each machine as interfaced.

The GUI provides access to all the functions available on the machine. These commands are often machine specific, to enable others to design their own interface you can open a window and see the individual commands that are sent as each key is depressed.

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